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Reply 1. I made this my PC background! Stupid Nickelodeon. Actually, I'd be amazed that they thought I was that good! I hope Nick get sued for this.. Love your art! Keep up the good work! Davidevgen Professional Photographer. ZacharyBandicoot Hobbyist General Artist. Nickelodeon stole your art for promo. Damn, I saw this. With everything Nick has done recently, I didn't think they'd stoop as low as this; then again, it's not surprising.

But were they seriously too lazy to draw a background of their own? Furthermore, re-use a background they'd already done?! I'm sorry this happened to you. I can't imagine if a company as big as this did something like that with my work I've heard about what happened. I dunno why Nick didn't bother to either ask your permission, or even credit you for the work. Or even both. Jennings was also instrumental in SpongeBob ' s genesis. Hill contributed scripts for several first-season episodes including the pilot [44] [45] [46] [47] and was offered the role of story editor , but turned it down—he would go on to pursue a career as a family film director.

Burns hailed from Chicago and had never met any of the principal players on SpongeBob before joining the team. In , while pitching the cartoon to Nickelodeon executives, Hillenburg donned a Hawaiian shirt, brought along an "underwater terrarium with models of the characters", and played Hawaiian music to set the theme.

The setup was described by Nickelodeon executive Eric Coleman as "pretty amazing". In an interview, Cyma Zarghami , then-president of Nickelodeon, said, "their [Nickelodeon executives'] immediate reaction was to see it again, both because they liked it and it was unlike anything they'd ever seen before". Until his death in , Hillenburg had served as the executive producer over the course of the series' entire history and functioned as its showrunner from its debut in until Although he no longer had a direct role in the series' production, he maintained an advisory role and reviewed each episode.

When the film was completed, Hillenburg intended it to be the series finale , "so [the show] wouldn't jump the shark. On December 13, , it was announced that Hillenburg would return to the series in an unspecified position. As of the ninth season, former writers and storyboard directors Vincent Waller and Marc Ceccarelli act as showrunners. According to writer and storyboard artist Luke Brookshier , " SpongeBob is written differently than many television shows".

A two-page outline is then assigned to a team of storyboard directors, who produce a complete rough draft of the storyboard. One of the methods used to assemble storyboards was to use Post-it notes. Most of the dialogue and jokes are added during this stage. The decision to eschew scripts for storyboards is one that Hillenburg made early in the series' development. The writing staff often used their personal experiences as inspiration for the storylines of the series' episodes.

Krabs to tattle, with SpongeBob chasing him, is pretty much how it happened in real life". Krabs uses even more profanity than SpongeBob and Patrick, was inspired "by the fact that my [Drymon's] mother has a sailor mouth herself". We wanted to make fun of him and use it. Almost every episode is divided into two minute segments.

Hillenburg explained: "[I] never really wanted to deliberately try to write a half-hour show". He also physically portrays Patchy the Pirate in live-action segments of most special episodes. Hillenburg, however, used a video clip of the episode to remind Kenny of the voice. He said to Nickelodeon executives, "That's it—I don't want to hear anybody else do the voice. We've got SpongeBob. Fagerbakke voices Patrick Star [67] and other miscellaneous characters. At the same time when Hillenburg, Derek Drymon and Tim Hill were writing the pilot "Help Wanted", Hillenburg was also conducting auditions to find voices for the characters.

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Squidward Tentacles is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, who describes him as "a very nasally, monotone kind of guy. Krabs, SpongeBob's boss at the Krusty Krab. Hillenburg modeled Mr.

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Krabs after his former manager at a seafood restaurant, whose strong Maine accent reminded Hillenburg of a pirate. Krabs voice was mostly improvised during his audition and it was not challenging for him to find the correct voice. Lawrence had met Hillenburg before on Rocko's Modern Life. While working on the pilot episode of SpongeBob , Hillenburg invited him to audition for all the characters.

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  4. This included Plankton, who was initially only set to appear in one episode. Lawrence recalls that Nickelodeon executives told Hillenburg, "'we could stunt-cast this.

    Spongebob Wallpaper for Your Desktop

    You know, we could have Bruce Willis do this voice. This is the character! This is the guy! Lawrence often improvise Plankton and Karen's dialogue. Lawrence called improvisation his "favorite part of the voice over" in Carolyn Lawrence voices Sandy Cheeks. Her friend said to Grillo that Lawrence had "an interesting voice".

    Grillo invited her to audition and she got the role. Puff's voice. Puff has become her only regular television role; Catlett described herself as "basically retired" in , since she feels that voicing Mrs. Puff requires less preparation than her performances in person. She decided to reflect the character's size in her voice by making it deep and full in tone. In addition to the regular cast, episodes feature guest voices from many professions, including actors, athletes, authors, musicians, and artists.

    Voice recording sessions always include a full cast of actors, which Kenny describes as "getting more unusual".