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Each officer is well versed in the use of a pistol, shotgun and assault rifle.

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These are basic weapons used by the Unit. Other weapons include sniper rifles and less lethal weapons. The Tactical Unit trains for many different tasks and situations. How can I join the Tactical Unit? To join the Tactical Unit, a member must be an exceptional patrol officer with a minimum of three years police experience who has consistently demonstrated the skills necessary to be a member of the Tactical Unit. You must:. Do you have to be a certain height and size to join the Tactical Unit?

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You must successfully pass all of the Tactical Unit Fitness Standards as well as possess all of the qualities listed above. During this period of time, members are challenged and pushed to limits that were previously unknown to them. Members receive instruction in more than forty-one areas of specialty and are also evaluated on knowledge learned throughout their Basic Training.

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Once the BTOC is completed, the member is assigned to one of the teams and is subject to a six month probationary period. During this time, the member must attend a certain number of high risk calls and warrant executions. After the six month probation period has been completed, the member is honoured with an Operator Insignia and a number, signifying their place within the Unit.

Being a member of the Tactical Unit means being a part of an extremely hardworking, close knit team and represents a firm commitment to continually strive for improvement within the Unit and the Service. This Survival Black Ops made by Motoped will go where roads end and will propel you up to miles before you need to stop for a fill up. Part mountain bike, part motorcycle, it comes fully assembled with your choice of a 49 cc or cc engine.

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Order now and be ready for lawless roadlessness. Canadian Terradyne makes tactical vehicles used around the world by government agencies and private security organizations. The RPV is part of their Gurkha Tactical Vehicle lineup and it is ready for dang near anything with top-level B7 armoring and 19, pounds of vehicle weight. A four-wheel drive, six-speed automatic transmission is paired to a 6. Mil-Spec Auto hails from just outside of Detroit and specializes in stripping Hummers down to their frames, black powder-coating everything and rebuilding their custom vehicles as tough as possible.

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This one, features air-suspension with an auto-leveling system for better on-road handling. This particular build has been claimed by its new owner but MSA will be very happy to build an iteration just for you. Conquest out of Toronto hires people to shoot at their SUVs. The company plans to make just editions of these military-inspired SUVs. Each has a curb weight of 13, pounds, 14 inches of ground clearance, and come with either a horsepower V10 gas engine or a horsepower powerstroke V8 turbo diesel.

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Front and rear night vision cameras, ballistic run-flat systems on the tires, and tinted armored glass also come standard. For the hero who rides alone, the military-focused Polaris Sportsman MV can carry one rider plus a hundred pound payload on the front rack and pounds on the back, for a max capacity of pounds. The 77 horsepower cc engine is paired to a continuous variable transmission with on-demand all-wheel drive. Lenco makes armored vehicles for law enforcement and military use.

Specifically designed for fire response, the armored vehicle has an onboard water tank with a foam proportioning system and a nozzle mounted to the roof so it can put out small structure and vehicle fires before they get out of hand. To knock down bigger fires, it can hook to a main waterline for continuous water flow. Joystick controls inside and room for six fully equipped officers make it a favored vehicle in many a fire house.

How about a buggy? A true bug-out buggy. The SUV gets a five-inch lift and five-spoke, steel beadlock wheels with thirty-seven-inch Maxxis Trepador tires.

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The paint job is a blacker than black Volcanic Rock Cromax finish and the standard bumper has been switched out for a custom, winch-enabled version with a sump guard. The vehicle itself makes sure everyone sees you. The Inkas Huron armored personnel carrier can seat sixteen and get them safely through the direst of circumstances. External armoring is independent-certified, level B7 armor that can withstand high-powered rifles and hand grenades with a blast-protected floor that holds up against light anti-personnel mines. It all rides on a Cummins 8.

Certification and Compliance for Vehicles and Engines

Most tactical vehicles promise massive HP and armored protection, but not all of them give you night vision, blinding lights, magnetic deadbolts, gas masks and electromagnetic pulse protection. The horsepower goes up to from a V8 and an on-demand four-wheel drive transmission. The ballistics armored protection can stop high-caliber weapons and both battery and fuel tank are wrapped in Kevlar.