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The Florida legislature passed the first laws in regarding public record laws. Freedom of information laws grants residents, students, researchers, concerned citizens and journalists the right to obtain records from their government. Certain laws are particular to specific agencies as there are limits and protections which apply. The open government sunset review act of allows for periodic review and repeal of the exemptions.

The purpose was to give the government transparency and to provide its citizens access to open agency records. However, the law is not limited to records for sole purpose of scrutiny.

Residents also benefit from the FOIA when trying to locate lost or misplaced records such and vital records and certificates, crime reports, recorded land and real estate deeds, certifications, permits and other information held by state, local and county departments. Florida, also known as the sunshine state, became a U. The state of Florida has 19 million residents in its 67 counties. The first two counties ever formed were St.

Johns and Escambia. In , the last county formed was Gilchrist. The purpose of counties being formed was for the state to provide services to local areas.

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The state also has cities, towns and villages with the state capital being Tallahassee. Largest cities presently include Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. The idea of forming cities originated in Europe, specifically Spain and England. Cities were formed by the legislature to allow for local power as its citizens were requesting. This gives local decisions to citizens governing themselves, such as taxes, local law enforcement, public utilities, administration, planning and development. The state government is run by the governor.

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The governor's cabinet consists of the state's attorney general, commissioner of agriculture and chief financial officer. The state economy profits from a large variety of industries. Other than producing approximately 75 percent of the U. Due to Florida having a steady influx of first time residents, construction is generally one of its important industries. Background of criminal histories can be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE , Division of Criminal Justice Information Services online for requests by the general public as well as specific employee screening purposes.

Local police stations provide separate reports of incidents, arrests and persons in custody. Instant searches are offered for inmates in custody of the state correctional facilities, wanted offenders and people finders. Individuals and companies in Florida request records for various personal and business purposes. Residents of Florida request records such as birth certificates to establish identity when applying for a passport. Official certificates are available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics Records Section, see the eligibility guidelines and the various methods for ordering.

Newspaper searches public local obituaries, current events of incidents and area listings. There are fourteen different databases listed for the state of Florida to help locate individuals using people finders in public directories found in both government agencies and private entities. Its exclusive jurisdiction further extends to traffic or other violations, except parking violations which are handled administratively. County level courts hold venue to preliminary hearings.

Florida district courts of appeal hear have "mandatory jurisdiction" over cases involving certain civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, original proceeding matters, and interlocutory decision matters. District courts have discretion to hear have "discretionary jurisdiction" cases involving various other civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, juvenile matters, original proceedings, and interlocutory decision cases. Supreme court has mandatory jurisdiction to hear cases involving certain civil matters, capital criminal matters, criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, disciplinary matters, and advisory opinion matters.

Its discretionary jurisdiction extends to other various civil matters, noncapital criminal matters, administrative agency matters, juvenile matters, advisory opinions, original proceedings, and interlocutory decision matters. Access arrest records directly from Florida law enforcement agencies individually. Request information of incidents, charges and details from state and local police departments. Records division contact information and requirements to order official reports. Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals. Florida's court system is comprised of various levels and jurisdictions ranging from small claims to the state's Supreme Court.

The state's Supreme court is located in Tallahassee with 7 judges. Online electronic filings systems have made many court services available online for public use. Each level of the courts have sites to contact clerks, calendar of up coming cases and up to date filings. As newer technology is introduced, resources to online visitors are improved to be more cost effective and promote paperless transactions.

Florida Public Records Search. First Name. Last Name. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. The state of Florida and its 67 counties individually maintain and issue public records, certificates, licenses and information for verification purposes. Public entities which provide many of the requested records are clerks and online resources from individual departments operating separately. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement electronic system a self-service application returns found criminal records instantly based on basic information such as the name and date of birth.

Other departments under local departments such as court clerks, deed recorders and more maintain publicly accessible sites to their data. Florida Courts service online requests for state, county, all 20 circuit courts, and smaller case files giving access to divorce filings, judgments, liens, litigant name search and more. The state of Florida has made great improvements to electronic record access assisting individual departments to serve the public efficiently.

Florida Public Records and Court Information. Public Records Information The Florida legislature passed the first laws in regarding public record laws. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Computerized Criminal History The state's law enforcement offers the public background checks of an individual's criminal history of offenses occurring in Florida. Records of individuals which have been arrested and or fingerprinted.

Results are returned online after selecting records or can be emailed.

Information can include felony and misdemeanor convictions. Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Search Identification includes, name, description, known aliases, scars, marks and tattoos. Search results will list prisoner's offense, sentence and release dates, sentence and incarceration history, past detainers, county, case number and sentence length. Inmates incarcerated in these prisons are convicted felons and sentenced to a minimum term of one year.

Florida Sex Offenders Registration Photos Location and Alerts State registry of sexual offenders, most wanted, missing and important public service announcements. Services to resident include receiving email alerts when a predator has moved into an area. Victim information and safety tips with resources for families, child safety and guides.

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Find email addresses and IM names under an offender. Conduct a standard or guided search in your neighborhood or near schools. Florida Criminal Record Expungements Information and resources to assist in expunging criminal records state and nationwide. Florida Arrest Records Access arrest records directly from Florida law enforcement agencies individually.

Florida Asset Search Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals. Fictitious business name filing inquiries reveal status of the company, owner information, copy of the registration application and available document images. View information about judgment liens detailing information of the court, debtor, creditor, amount and more. Online public database access and results. Search Business filing in Florida Find general info, check name availability, filings and search corporate records.

Results will reveal parcel number, owner information and address, property assessment and value, sales history, building characteristics, out buildings and other features. Tax deed sale notices and basic information about the real property. Escrow payments, deed express and county held certificate reports. View real estate tax notices showing taxing authority, tax rate and amount. Florida Property Records Obtain property tax info by contacting Florida statewide official records. Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property Search Lookup past dormant accounts under your name reported by retail and commercial banks, an insurance company, securities, utility companies and trusts.

An individual's name or business name search returns results online without fees. Reports will show property type, the reported owners data, property type and name of the reporting company holding the unclaimed property. Florida Statewide Professional License Record Search and Verification Lookup state issued licenses of various professions and businesses instantly online.

A directory of professions from all agencies statewide and fields of practice.