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Street Models:. Engine Displacement:. Introduction Period:. Check Number:. Model Year:. Manufacturing Plant:. Toggle navigation 0. The number that appears varies and is based on a mathematical formula that the U. Department of Transportation developed. That being said this article is written to be a helpful guide, and hopefully you find it as such. If it is not in this article, we can not help you.

Vehicle identification number

Hi can you tell me what year and size this is. Its a engine in my trike. And i cant get the correct parts for it. Thanks for any help. Hi, I have a 65 standard beetle with engine AE and is a single port. Charles Crow Penn Valley,Ca. I have a Karmann Beetle and under the back seat where the chassis number is it starts with a 3. How come there is no prefix before it? My Beetle says first registration Feb Numbers in car and on plate both tally as Engine D Can anyone explain this to me please? Due to the fact that since m. You mount a cc!!

Unfortunately, according to VW tables, this serial number belongs to a cc produced at the end of late December for model year So it might had been replaced during these 51 years!

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My engine has an X inside a circle and then reads D Most thing i read say it is a 40 hp version. And others say it is an after market engine sold in Problem I have is matching parts to it. I just purchased a carburator that has an extra lever on the passenger side which hits my alternator, preventing the throttle from moving.

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I figure if I can determine the engine, I at least can start from there. I need help identifying my engine number. Hope you can clarify for me. Hey there, my vin number is , any help with the year. Thanks in advance. From Aug to Jul production in Wolsfburg! Hello, thanks for the info on this. Kindly help out as the Chasis number and engine are the same? It is a type 1, cc.

Located in the Philippines.

Pretty Hannah explains how to Decode or Decipher a VIN Number

Can anyone help to identify engine number X? No VW stamp or leading letters. We have cleaned up the block using a toothbrush and can see a very faint AD, which would identify a 50BHP engine. Job Done!

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What could the bhp be? Thanx I advance. If it has made in Germany on it, it would have come from the Wolfburg factory. You can apply for a birth certificate from VW which would give you a little more information we expect. Hi Hilary. It is best to date your Beetle from the chassis number. Engines are easy to change, and harder to pinpoint.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

Just bought what seems to be a Beetle. Any ideas what I have? Sounds like some photos would be best. Send us an email esales vwheritage. I would look into it being a type 3 engine. I have a also with the same code. Is yours stamped on the seam of the two halves? Right by the fuel pump.

How Can I tell what kind of motor I got from the numbers My dual port is on a dune buggy, the number on the generator stand is Hey guys We have a 69 beetle with its second motor H can you help me with this please.

Harley-Davidson VIN Number Explained

My engine stamp is Single port. Do the numbers indicate it is a engine? If so, what do the other number mean? Mi engine serial number is AM , I have my car in south- america, that means that my engine was made in germany for sale in USA? I have just a vw rail buggy with the motor Could you tell me the year of it for parts?!?! I have a beetle. The engine number is ADR The is no explanation on your website for the ADR prefix. Have you come across this before? Im based in Cape Town, South Africa. As to the specification of the engine now, our guess would be cc twinport built between and I have a Karmann Ghia with an engine code BO.

Everything that I can find only says that it is a non-USA engine. I can find no other information on it. It is a dual port and looks to be a Where can I look to get mote information on this engine? HP, best carb, best distributor, timing, etc…. Sounds like the top end has been rebuilt to twin port spec. Originally the B code engine produced 47 bhp. Hi there, got a bit of a issue. My engine number on my dune buggy is bs Problem is this does not line up with any engine codes I have come across.

Any chance someone has some insight into this issue.

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Hi Darryl, any chance the number could be B5…. In which case it could be based on a single port. As with all things, what you have in front of you is the biggest clue.

Is it Single or Twin Port? The serial number of the vehicule is and that of the engine is AE Looks like the engine is based on a cc twinport. The chassic number would indicate a chassis. It has manifold with twin carbs. The B code was a single port — where the inlet manifold joins, is there one or two ports? You should be able to tell this from the design of the manifolds rather than taking it apart. Based on thesamba. Is this normal? Or did the engine possible get replaced maybe warranty repair or something. Hi infinite facts! I have a Zink fVee with a or earlier front end, likely a ZinkC4?

The engine code is HS It is a single port engine. I cannot seem to find this specific code. The other Stamp is I am restoring this and would like to know its long history. Thank you. Trevor Cass.