Tattnall county census records 1800 1900

Old Georgia maps are effective sources of geographical information and useful for historical, genealogical and territorial research. Our collection of Georgia maps includes many different historic and modern types of maps. The maps date from the 00th century to the present and include:. Historical Maps of Georgia are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time. Georgia Maps are vital historical evidence but must be interpreted cautiously and carefully. Georgia Maps can be very useful in conducting research, especially in light of the now extinct communities.

Also, because old Georgia maps were usually commissioned by the county seat, they often display information about the county, including town names. The Georgia Archives is also home to a large collection of detailed county and state maps.

Georgia Census Records

The collection contains over 30, maps. Georgia maps showing militia districts and land lottery information can be purchased from the Georgia Archives. This Historical Georgia Map Collection are from original copies. Hooker, in his own handwriting. See also Joseph M. Pearce to Col. Munroe, March 5, and Bvt. John Munroe to Adjutant Gen. Samuel Cooper, Apr. Stallings, informs us that the fence of Capt. Hooker's plantation, on Manatee, was fired by Indians, on the 16th inst. The Indians were trailed some distance, but not overtaken.

Georgia Cemeteries

On Apr. Winaford had d. May 8, On behalf of his orphan grandchildren he applied for and received a U. Parker's service.

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The pension was granted Nov. Pension File , National Archives. Tampa Florida Peninsular , July 5, Hooker's report was also printed in the July 19, issues of the Tallahassee Floridian and Journal and the Pensacola Gazette. There has been some confusion regarding the spelling of the surname of Brevet Colonel John Munroe, who was a Major in the 2nd U.

Many letters to him spell his last name Monroe and the Tampa Florida Peninsular often spelled his name as Monroe. Matthew P.

Tattnall County, Georgia Records

Lyons to Col. Roll of Capt. James W. Page to Pleasanton, Jan. James D.

Green and Matthew P. Green subsisted until his death on a series of Federal and state appointments. Spessard Stone, "Capt. Lyons became a complete reprobate. Boggess in A Veteran of Four Wars Arcadia, FL, , 75, wrote of Lyons, "He has been always guilty acts; was separated from his wife and he is now living on charity; is not respected by any one and he has acted so badly that he is hiding from those he once endeavored to swindle.

His family would have nothing to do with him. Tampa Florida Peninsular , Aug. Canter Brown, Jr. In Jan.

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The four were Will, 24; Dolly,19; Peter, 4; and Nancy, 2. In he used three of these slaves, Nancy, Dick and Josh in his farming operations at his plantation in the Manatee section.

Missing Georgia Censuses

Tucker in Hooker Memory Book, in possession of L. VanLandingham, "James T. Lyne: "She was inclined to piety from her youth up, professed religion, and united with the M. After separating from the church, she indulged, for a short time, in worldly amusements; for which, under deep conviction of the evil, her heart paid a dear penalty, according to her own sincere acknowledgements.

After that time, until her death, her light shone brightly among men, and her conversation was of heaven. I have more happiness in one moment of religious enjoyment, than I had in all my life-time, in the amusements of the giddy world. The life of the Christian is the only criterion by which to judge of the death of the righteous. But she has passed away like the morning dew, too precious to be left on earth.

Otwayanna Roberts in Tampa in In , Sally and Flora Hooker were enrolled in a Tampa school. Pettengill, Jr. By , "William B. Hooker with vast holdings in land and cattle may have stood at the pinnacle of the town's [Tampa] financial elite. The Hillsborough County census is in error where it names Wm. Hooker's wife as Sarah. Marting gert on Aug.

RLP 25: U.S. Federal Census Records Part 1

Hooker bought 2 guitar strings for 30 cents on Sept. On Oct. On Aug. He received a credit on Dec. Another credit, Jan. On Jan. He also bought a plug of tobacco for 35 cents on Feb.

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  • On Feb. A note in the front of the book, by Theodore Lesley, refers to it as a Friebele account book, perhaps because entries from early on are at Brooksville. However, D. It also should be pointed out that there are several other interesting entries in the account book. Several months earlier, on Sept.