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With depression, day-to-day tasks can feel overwhelming. Things like laundry, grocery shopping, or paying bills can begin to pile up, making it hard to know where to start. Your friend may appreciate an offer of help, but they also might not be able to clearly say what they need help with.

If your friend is behind on dishes, laundry, or other household chores, offer to come over, put some music on, and tackle a specific task together. Simply having company can make the work seem less daunting. People living with depression may have a hard time reaching out to friends and making or keeping plans. But canceling plans can contribute to guilt.

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A pattern of canceled plans may lead to fewer invitations, which can increase isolation. These feelings can worsen depression. Depression usually improves with treatment, but it can be a slow process that involves some trial and error. They may have to try a few different counseling approaches or medications before they find one that helps their symptoms. Your friend may continue to have symptoms from time to time. Letting your friend know you still care about them as they continue to work through depression can help.

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People living with depression may become more withdrawn and avoid reaching out, so you may find yourself doing more work to maintain the friendship. Depression often involves sadness or a low mood, but it also has other, less well-known symptoms. Your friend may often seem to be in a bad mood, or feel exhausted a lot of the time. You might, at some point, need a break from your friend. You can encourage positivity though your friend may not respond by reminding them of things you like about them — especially when it seems like they only have negative things to say. Though certain lifestyle changes often help improve symptoms of depression, it can be hard to make these changes in the midst of a depressive episode.

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You might want to help by offering advice, like getting more exercise or eating a healthy diet. There may come a time when your friend wants to find out what foods may help with depression or how exercise can relieve symptoms. Until then, though, it may be best to stick to empathic listening and avoid offering advice until asked.

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Depression goes beyond simply feeling sad or low. Sadness usually passes fairly quickly, while depression can linger and affect mood, relationships, work, school, and all other aspects of life for months or even years.

Some people dislike its side effects and prefer to treat depression with therapy or natural remedies. Even if you think your friend should take an antidepressant, remember that choosing to take medication is a personal decision. For some people, medication is key in getting them to a place where they can fully engage in therapy and start taking steps toward recovery. Not in the United States?

The International Association for Suicide Prevention can link you to hotlines and other resources in your country.

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