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It also allows an authorized agent, such as a property manager, to initiate an eviction proceeding; however, the agent may not take any additional action unless the agent is an attorney. These requirements apply only to evictions based on failure to pay rent.

There are completely separate requirements for eviction for breach of other provisions of the lease, or when the lease is at an end an you do not desire to renew. Before filing a Complaint to recover possession, a landlord must serve a Three Day Notice demanding payment of rent or possession of the premises within three days excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays from the date of delivery of the Notice.

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The Court may consider the proof of service of the Notice when making a ruling on a residential eviction. You may serve the Three Day Notice by sending it through certified, return receipt mail.

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The return receipt must be signed by the tenant. Three Day Notice may also be served by a private process server, who will supply the Affidavit of Service. A landlord applying for removal of a tenant must file a Complaint describing the dwelling unit and stating the facts authorizing recovery. The landlord may also request judgment for the amount of rent owed. The original Complaint, any supporting documents lease, etc.

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One additional copy of the Complaint with supporting documents and pre-stamped envelope must be provided, if service by posting is anticipated or becomes necessary. A copy of the Complaint to be supplied by the landlord will be attached for service on the tenant.

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The summons can be served by the Sheriff's office, or a private process server. The tenant has five days exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays after service of the summons to file any defenses. When depositing rent funds with the Clerk and Comptroller's office, the deposit must be in cash, money order, cashier's check, or a check drawn on an attorney's trust account. Clerk and Comptroller fees may be paid by cash, money order, cashier's check, personal check photo identification is required , or credit card.

Please note that credit card transactions are subject to a 3. Cohabitating couples may share responsibilities such as bills, groceries and other finances, but do they have the same protections and rights as a formally married couple? A common-law marriage is when an unmarried couple lives together and portray themselves to family and friends as being married but have never had a formal ceremony or a marriage license.

There are more requirements than just living together to be considered common-law, but they are different depending on the state.

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A domestic partnership is an unmarried couple who live together and are interested in receiving many of same benefits that a married couple enjoys, such as health benefits. Every state has its own right to define what a marriage is. If you enter into a domestic partnership or common-law marriage, it might not be recognized if you cross state borders. If the state that you are living in supports common law marriage, you may be granted the same legal benefits of those who are married.

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That includes social security benefits, insurance benefits, pension and tax exemptions. Domestic partnerships allow you to have shared health benefits, bereavement leave and visitation rights in hospitals and jails. Common-law marriage in most states is considered the same as a legal and binding formal marriage, and the process of getting a divorce is roughly the same. When there is not a rental agreement, you must give the tenant a 7-day or day notice to vacate.

If the rent is paid weekly you must give a 7-day notice.


If the rent is paid monthly you must give a day notice. If the tenant does not comply within the time allowed pursuant to the notice the landlord may file an eviction complaint with the Clerk.

A copy of the 7-day or day notice must accompany the complaint at the time of filing. If there is a rental agreement and the tenants are in violation of it other than for non-payment of rent , you may give the tenant a 7-day noncompliance notice. The notice gives the tenant seven days to remedy the noncompliance or the rental agreement may be terminated. A copy of the noncompliance notice must accompany the complaint at the time of filing. Compile the following items and file the complaint with the Clerk. Make copies of all forms and paperwork for your records.

Please provide a telephone number on your complaint in the event the Clerk's office or Sheriff's office needs to contact you.